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Baby Signs for families

(Upon request)

  • 55 euros
  • Centre Lunata


The Baby Signs Program consists of the incorporation of simple gestures into the words that we use daily with babies/children to provide them a communication tool that they can use before they can speak well, facilitating comprehension and positive cognitive, linguistic and psycho-emotional development, while they become less frustrated and we foster a secure attachment. Benefits: - It facilitates communication: it is an augmentative language tool. - It reduces frustration, crying, tantrums and aggressive attitudes. - It helps parents and educators to be more attentive and responsive. - Baby signs build trust between children and parents or caregivers. - It allows boys/girls to share their world, revealing how smart they are. - It promotes positive emotional development. - It strengthens the confidence of babies, building a solid self-esteem. - It increases cognitive development and IQ. Will my child's signing discourage him/her from speaking? Absolutely not! In fact, some studies have shown that, on the contrary, signs generate a significant increase in language, both expressive and comprehensive. What is the workshop about and who is it for? It is a workshop designed to teach you how to use the strategies and tools provided by the Baby Signs program, in order to stimulate trust and communication. It is aimed at parents and relatives, educators, babysitters, home advisers and anyone who is in contact with babies. Duration - 1.5 hours (theory and practice). Includes a summary and signs guide.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

- In case you cannot do the course on the agreed date and time, please notify me as soon as possible, no later than 48 hours before the start time, in order to postpone it and reschedule for another date. - In case you cannot do the course on the agreed date and time, and you notify later than 48 hours before the start time and you do not have a replacement, no refund will be made. - In case of ​​force majeure reasons, I reserve the right to cancel the course, in this case we can reschedule for another date. - Refund: If you’d like a full refund of the fee, you have to notify me at least 7 days in advance, and you will receive a 100% refund.

Contact Details

  • +352661881002

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