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Welcome to PediaLearn

A respectful learning space where you will find companionship, support and information on your child's upbringing.

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About me

Mom and paediatrician, I created this space to continue teaching and accompanying families on this long journey of parenting, always respecting child development, promoting the growth in harmony and supporting the integral development of each child.


Cristina, First Aid

It was absolutely great training, I like everything we learned. A lot of information, examples, practical tips. Training covered many topics and is a must for every parent! I strongly recommend it!

Justine, BLW

The workshop is truly practical with Pia thoroughly explaining the nutritious aspects of food to offer, literally how such food should be offered and at what stage, and also, what to do if what every parent fears, that is choking, happens. Pia’s approach is not only approachable, specific to your needs and spot on, it also adheres to the international health standards. It provides the peace of mind kickstart which all parents need. I cannot but deeply recommend this workshop and Pia altogether!


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Centre Lunata, Luxembourg


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